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What is DIR®?
Developmental Individual differences Relationship based

A highly effective assessment and treatment model that focuses on relationships by strengthening the child’s core capacities for functional and emotional development

Based on research that concludes that cognition, language, social and motor skills are learned through interactive relationships.

An approach which recognizes the unique differences of each child in terms of sensory reactivity, regulation, processing and response.

Techniques and strategies to promote attention, impulse control, motor planning and sequencing, and behavioral regulation.

Relationshop based intervention that focuses on the child’s ability to joyfully relate, share interests and communicate with others

An intervention model that uses specific therapeutic techniques and strategies (Floortime) 

A model that empowers the family to play an important role in their child’s treatment by teaching them to use playful, intensive, high quality and proven FLOORTIME™ techniques in the context of daily life.


A systematic way of working with a child that focuses on the child’s developmental capacities
Playful interactive play that helps the child build interpersonal, emotional and intellectual skills.
Motivates the child to relate and communicate by building on the child’s natural inclinations and interests.
Uses playful techniques to challenge the child to engage with others and open and close circles of communication
Encourages the expression and use of feelings and ideas through pretend play
Helps the child build logical bridges between ideas to increase flexible thinking and social problem solving abilities. 

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